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Shire Martial Arts: Our Normal Class Times and Schedule Are Back!

Starting From Today

Shire Martial Arts Change

Yes! our normal class times are back!  There’s certainly been a few changing goal posts in regards to the rules and regulations around the Covid-19 lockdown.

In mid March, as we all started to appreciate the severity of the situation, new rules, edicts and restrictions were being issued on a daily basis.
Now, during the easing of restrictions, the same has been happening, except this time on a positive note.
As you know, after 11 weeks of lockdown on 13 June, Sire Martial Arts was permitted to recommence classes again, as long as we had no more than 10 students at a time and we maintained the 4 sq metre social distancing rule.
Interestingly… it was great hearing the SMA student creed with multiple voices again, instead of only hearing mine as I recited it to camera. I digress.
So then on the 13 June, the government announced that we can now have 20 students per class... just when I set up and revealed a new timetable, class structure and payment system. So today, I have had to go back to the drawing board… with a smile.
I have to say, I think the government is doing a great job in a difficult situation. When you see the health and economic carnage in Europe, UK, US and now in Brazil, India and Indonesia, as an Australian, I count our blessings everyday for being so fortunate.
So now, it’s time for us to use our Martial Arts training in everyday life by stepping up to the challenge, dodging adversity and moving forward with determined grace.
So from Monday 15 June, this is what we’ll do.


Firstly, we are reverting back to our normal timetable and class times. There may be a minor tweak here and there, but essentially it will be the same. Click on the link below or go to PunchPass to see the schedule.


We still need to know whose coming to class and when, so on the short term, for now, we have to stay on the PunchPass system, where you need to keep booking your classes in advance.
When I initiated this system last week, I built in a pro rata price cut to reflect the shorter class times. However, now that our class times are back to normal, I will increase the price of classes to our usual rate.
I know that a lot of you have already purchased ‘class passes’. Don’t worry, I’ll honour them. Look at them as a ‘post lockdown’ special discount. 
Please note that I’ve crunched the numbers and this temporary PunchPass system does provide you classes at a CHEAPER rate than under our normal system.
I think that’s okay for now, but we do need to go back to our direct debit system before too long. The good news is when that happens, everything will be back to normal and we can all get on with our lives.


When you arrive, it would be appreciated if you could wait outside in a line to the right of our doorway, next to the coffee shop and a team member will meet you there and escort you inside... and the same will happen when you are leaving the premises. It would also be helpful if you turn up to class no more than 5 minutes prior to commencement.
Until there’s a further easing of restrictions, I would appreciate it if parents and families don’t come into the building. However, when it comes to our Little Dolphins, parents may enter and be there for their children.
Although we are going back to our normal class times, we may need to shorten some classes by 2-3 minutes to facilitate the coming and going of students in the stairwell.

How to book a class:

Remember, you can view our timetable on PunchPass or on the Shire Martial Arts website here.
Once again, I’d like to thank you for your continued support and patience. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by calling 02 9531 7648 or online, by using this link.

Master Gary Simmons

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