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Introductory Program

Your child's Shire Martial Arts journey begins with our 3 class Introductory Program, which is a structured induction to help you get a good idea about:
  • The logistics of Martial Arts training
  • What it's like training at Shire Martial Arts
  • How the Little Dolphin program works
  • If we are going to be a good fit
Our Intro Program involves your child participating in three classes. They'll be part of the main group, as well as in a smaller more personal group.
The idea is to get them comfortable with the environment, see if they can follow directions and to see if they are willing to try their best.
Then, once your child completes the Intro Program, you can then make an informed decision about taking the next step and enrolling them as a Shire Martial Arts student.
To book a Shire Martial Arts Intro Program, please:
1. Fill out the form below and click the Submit button
2. Click on the blue 'Book Your Intro Program Now" link below

Intro Program Notes:

How much does a Shire Martial Arts Intro Program cost?
The total cost for all the 3 classes of the Intro Program is:
1 student: $65
2 or more students from the same family: $85
What is Personal Development for kids?
The focus of the Little Dolphins Program is not about sport. It's about developing confidence, respect and resilience. We also help 4-6 year olds learn how to deal with stress and anxiety, as well as developing social cues, within the context of learning self defence.
Your child's personal development begins as soon as you enroll them into our Intro Program. For example, no matter how excited a child may be at the prospect of trying out Martial Arts, the reality is that it can be quite daunting walking into the training environment for the first time. Therefore to help your child succeed it's important to:

1. Watch the Little Dolphin video with them a day or so before they come (here is the link). 

2. After watching the video tell them; "I want you to promise me that you'll do three classes". "Then if you have lots of fun, we can talk about getting you a uniform like the other kids. If not, at least you tried it and gave it a go". "Will you promise me you'll do that?"
The Intro Program and young children
As mentioned, our Martial Arts programs are unique because they are based on personal development. This begins with the Intro Program. Please be assured that our friendly team members will see that your child feels included and supported.
What to wear and bring
Wear comfortable clothing, such as track suit pants, shorts, tights and t-shirt. We have professional Martial Arts mats and train in bare feet. There are changing facilities for your convenience.
To book into our Introductory Program, please fill out the form above or call Shire Martial Arts on: 9531 7648