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Tip Test Wek Starts

Tip Test week starts today and goes until Thursday 30/09/21. To pass a tip test: You need to have the minimum amount of black attendance stripes as follows. Big Dolphins and junior BBC club students need 5 black tips Teens, Adults and BD students Blue/white belt and higher need 6 black tips If you need to do some make up classes to meet the attendance criteria, you are more than welcome to do so at no extra cost. Please note that on shorter cycles, we do sometimes have a pro rata system where less black attendance stripes are required. When this occurs we […]

Holiday Schedule Classes

Holiday Class Schedule During our Holiday Schedule there are only 3 classes on  Tuesdays and Thursdays as follows: 5.00-5.45pm: All kids under 11 years old and younger including: Little Dolphins & Big Dolphins 6.00-6.55pm: Tutorial Class (Do your own thing) for all Students over 11 years old including all Yellow, Blue & Red belts. * Please note that instructors are present in this class, however junior students must be prepared to work with a minimum of supervision. This is a good time to work on Colour Change Tests, Black Belt Club syllabus or to brush up on Poomsae. 7.00-8.00pm: All […]